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Hárslevelű - dry

pack - late harvest, sweet


Kincsem Kastély Winery

The Dream has started many years ago… There was always a desire to Create something... Something, which is Unique. Something which was Built by me Which is my Treasure Now I Share it…

Kincsem. Famous historical vineyard in Tokaj Wine Region in Hungary. An old castle placed on top of the hill which was built in the XIX. century by baron Frigyes Waldbott and known as Kincsem Kastély. It used to be a mansion and wine house but nowadays Kincsem Castle Winery is a small craft winery with 5 hectares of vineyards produced some thousand bottles of high quality Tokaji Wines per year. On each bottle of Kincsem Kastély wine you can find a small yellow sticker which refer to the traditional handicrafts with this little signet. Yellow is a warm and intense colour as much as the sun, which is indispensable for making high quality unique Tokaji Wine.

Hárslevelű - Dry


Elegant, harmonious wine. The character acidity is well contrapuntally by the little residuary sugar. Long falloff and typical notes of Hárslevelű. Lime tree flower, citruses, aged in Zempléni oak barrels 6 months.

Protected Designation of Origin

Media Wine Competition 2015 – Wine of Media

acidity: 7,4 g/l, sugar: 8g/l
alcohol: 14vv%
non-sugar extract: 23,2g/l
0,75 l

Hárslevelű 2013 - Late harvest

sweet wine

Flavour notes : lime tree honey, citruses, excellent acacia flower, well-balanced sugar/acidity ratio. Youthful, fresh acidity which is rounded by the residuary sugar and Botrytis notes. Some tobacco note in the finish.

Protected Designation of
Origin sweet white wine

Bayer National Wine Competition 2014; 2015 – Gold Medal

Black Sea Region Wines & Spirits Contest 2016 - Gold Medal

Black Sea Region Wines & Spirits Contest 2016 - Gold Medal

National Wine Contest, Hungary 2017 Big Gold Medal; The Best Sweet Wine

Oenoforum 2017 Brno - Gold Medal

acidity: 7,2 g/l, sugar: 70g/l
alcohol: 12,5vv%
non-sugar extract: 31,2g/l
0,5 l

Birtokbor 2014 -Wine of Winery

semi sweet cuvée

The first cuvée of Kincsem Kastély Winery which contains Furmint. 50% Furmint and 50% Hárslevelű cuvée, which reflects of parent's features, the virility of Furmint and the finesse of Hárslevelű. Full body, complex, memorable wine for chatting.

Protected Designation of Origin semi-sweet white wine

Media Wine Competition 2016 – Wine of Media

National Wine Contest, Hungary 2017 Gold Medal; The Best White Wine

acidity: 7 g/l, sugar: 17,3g/l
alcohol: 14%
non-sugar extract: 31g/l
0,75 l

Hárslevelű 2014 – semi sweet

Elegant, definite character, very intense wine. Strong Botrytis notes, honey-sweet smell framing with herbs, full body, and long falloff. For happy events, with vanilla desserts highly recommended.

acidity: 7 g/l, sugar: 35,4g/l
alcohol: 13%
non-sugar extract: 30,4g/l
0,75 l

Furmint 2015 – dry

The iconic type of Tokaj. The first pure Furmint wine of Kincsem Kastély. Rounded mineral wine. After a quick smell pear and salty caramel and silky stroke at the finish. Elegant use of Zemplén barrels, minerality and exceptional acidity.

acidity: 6 g/l, sugar: 8,1g/l
alcohol: 13,5%
non-sugar extract: 20,6g/l
0,75 l

Birtokbor 2015 - Wine of Winery

semi dry cuvée

An essential cuvée made by 50% Furmint and 50% Hárslevelű. It is a well-balanced wine. Fresh and fruity, which means that it is a bottle of wine to enjoy. Like an autumn sunshine in the garden. Perfect company to foods containing fruits.

acidity: 6,5 g/l, sugar: 15,5g/l
alcohol: 13,5%
non-sugar extract: 21,2g/l
0,75 l

Hárslevelű 2015 – semi sweet


Honest wine. Like as it is. Honey-sweet bunches, roundish, delicate touch and fruits and fruits and fruits…

For lovely summer nights – for lovely Ladies… Celestial harmony… .

acidity: 5,6 g/l, sugar: 39,5g/l
alcohol: 12%
non-sugar extract: 22,6g/l
0,75 l


Hárslevelű - száraz 2013

Média Borverseny 2015 - a Média Bora

Hárslevelű, késői szüret – édes 2013

Bayer Országos Borverseny 2014, 2015 – arany érem

Black Sea Region Wines & Spirits Contest 2016 - Gold Medal

Országos Borverseny 2017 - Nagy arany érem; Édes bor Kategória - Nagydíj

Oenoforum 2017 Brno - Arany érem

Birtokbor 2014

A Média bora – 2016

Országos Borverseny 2017 Arany érem; Fehér bor kategória - Nagydíj



Kincsem Kastély

3934 Tolcsva, Kincsem dűlő 1.

phone.:+ 36 20 519 2756